Dream a Little Dream of Me Cover <3

New Video !

A song about Fionna the Human trying to be Marshall Lee’s pal.

I hope you guys like Winnie the Pooh.

New video!

I’m currently uploading a video, and to be honest, I’m in love with it. The lyrics are word for word a quote from Winnie the Pooh which can be found here:

It’s got a bit of a lullaby feel to it, so I hope you enjoy it when it finished processing and whatnot. 

New Video!

I Mean It (Original Song)

Since the song I wrote is not uploading to Youtube and I have to delay my already late video upload, here is a mini cover of Lightweight by Demi Lovato.

And, please, pay no attention to the hideous faces I make when I sing and the fact that I’m in my pajamas.

New on SoundCloud!

I Promise by Dunyellow. Don’t forget to download it!

Hello Love by Dunyellow.

You and Me by Dunyellow.

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